Kane Richmond, Jean Rogers, and Sidney Toler in Charlie Chan in Panama (1940)

Charlie Chan In Panama (1940)

1h. 7min. // Inspector Chan investigates a group of travelers, one of whom is a saboteur.


Directed by: Norman Foster

Writing Credits: John Francis Larkin (screenplay), Lester Ziffren (screenplay), Earl Derr Biggers (based on: the character “Charlie Chan” created by)Jacques Deval (novel)

Starring: Sidney Toler (as Charlie Chan), Jean Rogers (as Kathi Lenesch)Lionel Atwill (as Cliveden Compton)Mary Nash (as Miss Jennie Finch)Victor Sen Yung (as Jimmy Chan)Kane Richmond (as Richard Cabot)Chris-Pin Martin (as Sergeant Montero)Lionel Royce (as Dr. Rudolph Grosser)Helen Ericson (as Stewardess) and Jack La Rue (as Manolo)


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NOMINATED. Writers Guild of America, USA 1951. Best Written American Western. Mary Loos and Richard Sale.


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Jack La Rue, Sidney Toler, and Victor Sen Yung in Charlie Chan in Panama (1940)

Chris-Pin Martin, Frank Puglia, Addison Richards, and Sidney Toler in Charlie Chan in Panama (1940)


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