Nina Foch and George Raft in Johnny Allegro (1949)

Johnny Allegro (1949)

1h 21min. // Johnny Allegro is a former criminal who escaped from Sing Sing prison who is asked to work as a undercover federal agent for the U.S. Treasury Department. His mission: to help the officials to get Morgan Vallin, a scammer determined to ruin the economy.


Directed by: Ted Tetzlaff

Writing Credits: Karen DeWolf (screenplay), Guy Endore (screenplay), James Edward Grant (story)

Starring: George Raft (as Johnny Allegro), Nina Foch (as Glenda Chapman) and George Macready (as Morgan Vallin)


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George Macready and George Raft in Johnny Allegro (1949)

Nina Foch in Johnny Allegro (1949)


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