Shirley Temple, Jimmy Durante, Phyllis Brooks, George Murphy, and Edna May Oliver in Little Miss Broadway (1938)

Little Miss Broadway (1938)

1h 12min. // An orphan is provisionally adopted by the manager of a hotel populated by show business people. The hotel’s owner, who lives just next door and doesn’t like the entertainers because of the noise they do, wants the girl returned to the orphanage.


Directed by: Irving Cummings

Writing Credits: Harry Tugend (screenplay), Jack Yellen (screenplay)

Starring: Shirley Temple (as Betsy Brown), George Murphy (as Roger Wendling), Jimmy Durante (as Jimmy Clayton), Phyllis Brooks (as Barbara Shea) and Edna May Oliver (as Sarah Wendling)


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Shirley Temple and Hank Mann in Little Miss Broadway (1938)

Phyllis Brooks and George Murphy in Little Miss Broadway (1938)


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