Brian Aherne, Janet Blair, Rosalind Russell, and George Tobias in My Sister Eileen (1942)

My Sister Eileen (1942)

1h 36min. // Sisters Ruth and Eileen Sherwood move from Ohio to New York in the hopes of building their careers. Ruth wants to get a job as a writer, while Eileen hopes to succeed on the stage. The two end up living in a dismal basement apartment in Greenwich Village, where a parade of odd characters are constantly breezing in and out. The women also meet up with magazine editor Bob Baker, who takes a personal interest in helping both with their career plans.


Directed by: Alexander Hall

Writing Credits: Joseph Fields (screenplay and play)Jerome Chodorov (screenplay and play)

Starring: Rosalind Russell (as Ruth Sherwood)Brian Aherne (as Robert Baker)Janet Blair (as Eileen Sherwood)George Tobias (as Appopolous) and Allyn Joslyn (as Chic Clark)


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NOMINATED. Academy Awards, USA 1943. Best Actress in a Leading Role. Rosalind Russell.


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Janet Blair, Chick Chandler, Gordon Jones, and Rosalind Russell in My Sister Eileen (1942)

Janet Blair and Rosalind Russell in My Sister Eileen (1942)


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