Soldier of Fortune (1955)

Soldier Of Fortune (1955)

1h 36min. // After Jane Hoyt’s journalist husband disappears, she arrives in Hong Kong to try to find him. She thinks he might be held by the Communist Chinese as a spy. She hires smuggler Hank Lee, who has a reputation for getting anything. They both fall in love, but he knows that Jane will not abandon her husband.


Directed by: Edward Dmytryk

Writing Credits: Ernest K. Gann (novel and screenplay)

Starring: Clark Gable (as Hank Lee), Susan Hayward (as Mrs. Jane Hoyt), Michael Rennie (as Inspector Merryweather) and Gene Barry (as Louis Hoyt)

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Clark Gable and Susan Hayward in Soldier of Fortune (1955)

Susan Hayward in Soldier of Fortune (1955)


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