Tarzan's Revenge (1938)

Tarzan’s Revenge (1938)

1h 10min. // Tarzan comes to the rescue of Eleanor, a sensual member of a safari, when a nasty African chief chooses her as his girlfriend.


Directed by: D. Ross Lederman

Writing Credits: Robert Lee Johnson (screenplay), Jay Vann (screenplay), Edgar Rice Burroughs (novel)

Starring: Glenn Morris (as Tarzan), Eleanor Holm (as Eleanor Reed), George Barbier (as Roger Reed), C. Henry Gordon (as Ben Alleu Bey), Hedda Hopper (as Penny Reed)


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George Barbier, Eleanor Holm, Hedda Hopper, George Meeker, and Glenn Morris in Tarzan's Revenge (1938)

George Barbier, John Lester Johnson, George Meeker, and Joe Sawyer in Tarzan's Revenge (1938)


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