Catherine Deneuve and Jack Lemmon in The April Fools (1969)

The April Fools (1969)

1h. 35min. // In New York, newly-promoted Wall Street broker Howard Brubaker is invited by his boss Ted Gunther to come to his apartment. However, there is a party and Howard feels uncomfortable and out of place. Ted’s wife Catherine is amused with Howard and he invites her to have a drink in a club. Howard opens up about his loveless marriage, as does Catherine. When the pair meet Grace and Andre Greenlaw, who’ve been happily married for many years, they decide to travel to Paris to start a new life together. Will they leave their marriages behind?


Directed by: Stuart Rosenberg

Writing Credits: Hal Dresner (screenplay)

Starring: Jack Lemmon (as Howard Brubaker), Catherine Deneuve (as Catherine Gunther)Peter Lawford (as Ted Gunther)Jack Weston (as Potter Shrader)Myrna Loy (as Grace Greenlaw) and Charles Boyer (as Andre Greenlaw).


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WON. Laurel Awards 1970. Male Comedy Performance. Jack Lemmon.

NOMINATED. Laurel Awards 1970. Male Supporting Performance. Jack Weston.



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Catherine Deneuve and Jack Lemmon in The April Fools (1969)

Jack Lemmon and Sally Kellerman in The April Fools (1969)


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