The Devil at 4 O'Clock (1960)

The Devil At 4 O’Clock (1960)

2h. 6min. // A crusty, eccentric priest recruits three reluctant convicts to help him rescue a children’s leper colony from a Pacific island menaced by a smoldering volcano.


Directed by: Mervyn LeRoy

Writing Credits: Liam O’Brien (screenplay), Max Catto (novel)

Starring: Spencer Tracy (as Father Matthew Doonan), Frank Sinatra (as Harry), Kerwin Mathews (as Father Joseph Perreau), Jean-Pierre Aumont (as Jacques), Grégoire Aslan (as Marcel), Alexander Scourby (as The Governor) and BarBara Luna (as Camille)


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NOMINATED. Laurel Awards 1962. Top Action Performance. Frank Sinatra.


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Spencer Tracy and Kerwin Mathews in The Devil at 4 O'Clock (1960)

Frank Sinatra and Spencer Tracy in The Devil at 4 O'Clock (1960)


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