Glenn Ford, Viveca Lindfors, and Henry O'Neill in The Flying Missile (1950)

The Flying Missile (1950)

1h 31min. // Officer Talbot is determined to use missiles on his sub. The navy has not yet given the go-ahead, but he decides to disobey and begins to test them. The initiative could not be worse because in the tests several of his men die, which ends up causing a mental collapse.


Directed by: Henry Levin

Writing Credits: Richard English (screenplay), James Gunn (screenplay), Harvey S. Haislip (story), N. Richard Nash (story)

Starring: Glenn Ford (as Cmdr. William A. Talbot), Viveca Lindfors (as Karin Hansen), Henry O’Neill (as RAdm. Thomas A. Scott), Carl Benton Reid (as Dr. Gates, USN) and Joe Sawyer (as Quartermaster ‘Fuss’ Payne)


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Glenn Ford and Viveca Lindfors in The Flying Missile (1950)

Glenn Ford, Jerry Paris, Joe Sawyer, and Kenneth Tobey in The Flying Missile (1950)


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