The Glory Guys (1965)

The Glory Guys (1965)

1h. 52min. // A cavalry officer is forced against his oath to send untrained men to fight the Sioux.


Directed by: Arnold Laven

Writing Credits: Sam Peckinpah (screenplay), Hoffman Birney (novel)

Starring: Tom Tryon (as Capt. Demas Harrod), Harve Presnell (as Sol Rogers), Senta Berger (as Lou Woddard), James Caan (as Pvt. Anthony Dugan) and Michael Anderson Jr. (as Pvt. Martin Hale)


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NOMINATED. Golden Globes, USA 1966. Most Promising Newcomer – Male. James Caan.


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Senta Berger and Tom Tryon in The Glory Guys (1965)

Harve Presnell and Tom Tryon in The Glory Guys (1965)


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