The Satan Bug (1965)

The Satan Bug (1965)

1h 54min. // The movie Satan Bug revolves around the hijacking of germ cultures with the intention of using them for bioterrorism. The heist takes place at Station Three, a classified biological warfare laboratory located in an undisclosed location in the Mojave desert. The stolen items include 1200 grams of Botulinus toxin and the only remaining culture of a new virus that scientists at the lab refer to as the Satan Bug. Though it does not have a scientific name yet, this virus is incredibly infectious, transmitted through the air, and can attack any form of life. It is believed to be potent enough to wipe out the entire planet. At the time of the robbery, officials in Washington were deliberating whether to destroy it or not.

During the heist, Dr. Baxter, the director of security, and one of the laboratory’s top scientists are murdered. The thief manages to flee by cutting through the perimeter fence.

After the theft, Lee Barrett, the former head of Station Three’s security, who was recently fired, is reinstated to lead the search for the missing cultures. He works alongside Ann Williams, who portrays the daughter of a senior intelligence official, known only as the General, who is overseeing the mission.

Maharis is convinced that someone at the lab was involved in the theft. While he attempts to uncover the identity of the culprit, an anonymous telegram is received warning of an upcoming “incident.” Within hours, one of the Botulinus toxin flasks is smashed on one of the Florida Keys, and everyone downwind perishes. Following that, an anonymous phone call is received, indicating that Los Angeles is the next target.


Directed by: John Sturges

Writing Credits: Alistair MacLean (novel), James Clavell (screenplay), Edward Anhalt (screenplay)

Starring: George Maharis (as Lee Barrett), Richard Basehart (as Dr. Gregor Hoffman), Anne Francis (as Ann Williams) and Dana Andrews (as Gen. Williams)


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Anne Francis and George Maharis in The Satan Bug (1965)

George Maharis in The Satan Bug (1965)


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