The Spiral Staircase (1946)

The Spiral Staircase (1946)

1h. 23min. // In 1916, a shadowy serial killer is targeting women with “afflictions”; one night during a thunderstorm, the mute Helen feels menaced.


Directed by: Robert Siodmak

Writing Credits: Mel Dinelli (screenplay), Ethel Lina White (novel)

Starring: Dorothy McGuire (as Helen), George Brent (as Professor Warren) and Ethel Barrymore (as Mrs. Warren)


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NOMINATED. Academy Awards, USA 1947. Best Actress in a Supporting Role. Ethel Barrymore.


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Dorothy McGuire in The Spiral Staircase (1946)

George Brent and Dorothy McGuire in The Spiral Staircase (1946)


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