Mary Astor, Joan Blondell, Melvyn Douglas, and Frances Drake in There's Always a Woman (1938)

There’s Always A Woman (1938)

1h. 20min. // An investigator for the district attorney and his amateur-sleuth wife compete to solve a murder mystery.


Directed by: Alexander Hall

Writing Credits: Gladys Lehman (screenplay), Wilson Collison (story)

Starring: Joan Blondell (as Sally Reardon), Melvyn Douglas (as William ‘Bill’ Reardon), Mary Astor (as Lola Fraser), Frances Drake (as Anne Calhoun) and Jerome Cowan (as Nick Shane)


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Joan Blondell and Melvyn Douglas in There's Always a Woman (1938)

Rita Hayworth, Mary Astor, Melvyn Douglas, Alexander Hall, Thurston Hall, George McKay, and Robert Paige in There's Always a Woman (1938)


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