Never Let Go (1960)

Never Let Go (1960)

1h 30min. // A cosmetic salesman sets out to prove to himself and his wife that he is not a failure.


Directed by: John Guillermin

Writing Credits: John Guillermin (story), Peter De Sarigny (story), Alun Falconer (screenplay)

Starring: Richard Todd (as John Cummings), Peter Sellers (as Lionel Meadows), Elizabeth Sellars (as Anne Cummings), Adam Faith (as Tommy Towers) and Carol White (as Jackie)


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WON. Golden Globes, USA 1951. Best Supporting Actor. Edmund Gwenn.

WON. Edgar Allan Poe Awards 1951. Special Award. St. Clair McKelway.

NOMINATED. Academy Awards, USA 1951. Best Actor in a Supporting Role. Edmund Gwenn.


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David Lodge and Richard Todd in Never Let Go (1960)

Adam Faith and Carol White in Never Let Go (1960)


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