Edward Everett Horton and Laura La Plante in Lonely Wives

Lonely Wives (1931)

1h 25min. // A lonely husband, whose wife has been away, hires a look-a-like impersonator to fill his place and fool his mother-in-law while he plays around with a pretty coquette. His wife returns that night and confusion prevails.


Directed by: Russell Mack

Writing Credits: Walter DeLeon and A.H. Woods

Starring: Edward Everett Horton (as Richard ‘Dickie’ Smith / Felix, the Great Zero), Esther Ralston (as Madeline Smith) and Laura La Plante (as Diane O’Dare)


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Spencer Charters and Laura La Plante in Lonely Wives

Maude Eburne, Esther Ralston, and Georgette Rhodes in Lonely Wives


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