Richard Fleischer's Compulsion

Compulsion (1959)

1h 43min. // Close friends Judd Steiner (based on Nathan Leopold and played by Dean Stockwell) and Artie Strauss (based on Richard Loeb and played by Bradford Dillman) kill a boy on his way home from school in order to commit the “perfect crime”. Strauss tries to cover it up, but they are caught when police find a key piece of evidence — Steiner’s glasses, which he inadvertently left at the scene of the crime. Famed attorney Jonathan Wilk (based on Clarence Darrow and played by Orson Welles) takes their case, saving them from hanging by making an impassioned closing argument against capital punishment.


Directed by: Richard Fleischer

Writing Credits: Richard Murphy (screenplay), Meyer Levin (novel)

Starring: Orson Welles (as Jonathan Wilk), Dean Stockwell (as Judd Steiner) and Diane Varsi (as Ruth Evans)


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WON. Cannes Film Festival 1959. Best Actor. Dean Stockwell, Bradford Dillman and Orson Welles.

NOMINATED. Cannes Film Festival 1959. Palme d’Or. Richard Fleischer.

NOMINATED. BAFTA Awards 1960. Best Film from any Source. Richard Fleischer.

NOMINATED. Directors Guild of America, USA 1960. Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Motion Pictures. Richard Fleischer.

NOMINATED. Laurel Awards 1960. Top Drama (5th place).

NOMINATED. Writers Guild of America, USA 1960. Best Written American Drama. Richard Murphy.


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Orson Welles and Diane Varsi in Compulsion

Orson Welles, Dean Stockwell, Edward Binns, Bradford Dillman, and E.G. Marshall in Compulsion


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