Shirley Temple, Thomas Beck, Jean Hersholt, and Helen Westley in Heidi (1937)

Heidi (1937)

2h 12min. // Shirley Temple plays the well-known character of Heidi, the Swiss orphan who lives in the mountain with her grandfather. She has to leave the house and work as a servant for a wealthy family.


Directed by: Allan Dwan

Writing Credits: Johanna Spyri (novel), Walter Ferris (screenplay), Julien Josephson (screenplay)

Starring: Shirley Temple (as Heidi), Jean Hersholt (as Adolph Kramer / Grandfather), Arthur Treacher (as Andrews), Helen Westley (as Blind Anna) Mary Nash (as Fraulein Rottenmeier) and Marcia Mae Jones (as Klara)


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Shirley Temple and Jean Hersholt in Heidi (1937)

Shirley Temple and Marcia Mae Jones in Heidi (1937)


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