Ian Fleming and George Formby in I Didn't Do It (1945)

I didn’t do it (1945)

1h. 37min. // When George Trotter, an aspiring entertainer, is accused of murder, he has to stop his search of fame and fortune to try to clear his name.


Directed by: Marcel Varnel

Writing Credits: Howard Irving Young (story and screenplay), Stephen Black (story and screenplay) and Norman Lee (story and screenplay)

Starring: George Formby (as George Trotter), Billy Caryll (as Tiger Tubbs) and Hilda Mundy (as Ma Tubbs )


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Georgina Cookson, George Formby, and Carl Jaffe in I Didn't Do It (1945)

Marjorie Browne, Billy Caryll, George Formby, and Jack Daly in I Didn't Do It (1945)


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