Larry Parks in Jolson Sings Again (1949)

Jolson Sings Again (1949)

1h 36min. // In this sequel to The Jolson Story, we pick up the singer’s career just as he has returned to the stage after a premature retirement. But his wife has left him and the appeal of the spotlight isn’t what it used to be. This time Jolson trades in the stage for life in the fast lane: women, horses, travel. It takes the death of Moma Yoelson and World War II to bring Jolson back to earth – and to the stage. Once again teamed with manager Steve Martin, Jolson travels the world entertaining troops everywhere from Alaska to Africa. When he finally collapses from exhaustion it takes young, pretty nurse Ellen Clark to show him there’s more to life than “just rushing around”.


Directed by: Henry Levin

Writing Credits: Sidney Buchman (screenplay)

Starring: Larry Parks (as Al Jolson), Barbara Hale (as Ellen Clark), William Demarest (as Steve Martin), Ludwig Donath (as Cantor Yoelson), Bill Goodwin (as Tom Baron), Myron McCormick (as Ralph Bryant) and Tamara Shayne (as Moma Yoelson)


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NOMINATED. Academy Awards, USA 1950. Best Writing, Story and Screenplay. Sidney Buchman.

NOMINATED.Academy Awards, USA 1950. Best Cinematography, Color. William E. Snyder.

NOMINATED. Academy Awards, USA 1950. Best Music, Scoring of a Musical Picture. Morris Stoloff and George Duning.

NOMINATED.Writers Guild of America, USA 1950. Best Written American Musical. Sidney Buchman.


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Larry Parks in Jolson Sings Again (1949)

Barbara Hale in Jolson Sings Again (1949)


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