Dorothy Malone, Joel McCrea, Zachary Scott, and Alexis Smith in South of St. Louis (1949)

South Of St. Louis (1949)

1h. 28min. // The friendship of three Texas Ranchers. Later their ranch was destroyed by Cotrell, of the Union army,and his band of outlaw raiders. The original title was “Distant Drums”, this was a description of Civil War army deserters.


Directed by: Ray Enright

Writing Credits: Zachary Gold (story and screenplay), James R. Webb (story and screenplay)

Starring: Joel McCrea (as Kip Davis), Alexis Smith (as Rouge de Lisle), Zachary Scott (as Charlie Burns) and Dorothy Malone (as Deborah Miller)


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Joel McCrea and Alexis Smith in South of St. Louis (1949)

Victor Jory and Joel McCrea in South of St. Louis (1949)


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