Gary Cooper and Deborah Kerr in The Naked Edge (1961)

The Naked Edge (1961)

1h. 37min. // Co-worker Donald Heath is accused of stabbing and robbing their boss, with George Radcliffe as the primary witness for the prosecution. Radcliffe claims he saw Heath running away from the building after the crime. Despite Heath’s emotional defense, where he asserts that he was secretly drinking in the boiler room at the time of the incident, he is convicted and receives a life sentence.

After the trial, Radcliffe makes shrewd investments and he and his wife Martha are welcomed into London society. However, their contentment is disrupted when a blackmail letter, dated five years earlier, is finally delivered to their home. Martha’s trust in her husband begins to crumble as circumstantial evidence suggests that he may have been the killer and profited from the crime.

As suspicion and distrust grow, Martha struggles with her conflicting emotions of love for her husband and irrational fear. This threatens their relationship and puts their happiness at risk.


Directed by: Michael Anderson

Writing Credits: Joseph Stefano (screenplay), Max Ehrlich (novel)

Starring: Gary Cooper (as George Radcliffe), Deborah Kerr (as Martha Radcliffe) and Eric Portman (as Jeremy Clay)


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Gary Cooper in The Naked Edge (1961)

Gary Cooper and Deborah Kerr in The Naked Edge (1961)


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