The Wrong Box (1966)

The Wrong Box (1966)

1h 45min. // In Victorian England, six people compete for a large pool of money, which must belong to only one of them.


Directed by: Bryan Forbes

Writing Credits: Robert Louis Stevenson (novel), Lloyd Osbourne (novel), Larry Gelbart (screenplay), Burt Shevelove (screenplay)

Starring: John Mills (as Masterman Finsbury), Ralph Richardson (as Joseph Finsbury), Michael Caine (as Michael Finsbury), Peter Cook (as Morris Finsbury), Dudley Moore (as John Finsbury), Nanette Newman (as Julia Finsbury), Tony Hancock (as Detective) and Peter Sellers (as Doctor Pratt)

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WON. BAFTA Awards 1967. Best British Costume (Colour). Julie Harris.

NOMINATED. BAFTA Awards 1967. Best British Art Direction (Colour). Ray Simm.

NOMINATED. BAFTA Awards 1967. Best British Actor. Ralph Richardson.


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Michael Caine, Dudley Moore, Peter Cook, Irene Handl, John Mills, Nanette Newman, Ralph Richardson, and John Tatham in The Wrong Box (1966)

Michael Caine and Nanette Newman in The Wrong Box (1966)


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