Joan Blondell, Melvyn Douglas, and Clarence Kolb in The Amazing Mr. Williams (1939)

The Amazing Mr. Williams (1939)

1h. 20min. // Kenny Williams, a lieutenant on the homicide squad, is engaged to Maxine Carroll, the Mayor’s secretary. Or isn’t he rather married with his job? For each time he has a date with his longtime fiancée, he is prevented from keeping it by his devotion to duty. Maxine, in desperation, decides to take action and bring Kenny to the altar. Who will win, Maxine’s curves or the glorious fight against crime?


Directed by: Alexander Hall

Writing Credits: Dwight Taylor (screenplay)Sy Bartlett (screenplay)

Starring: Melvyn Douglas (as Police Lieutenant Kenny Williams), Joan Blondell (as Maxine Carroll) and Clarence Kolb (as Police Captain McGovern)


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Joan Blondell in The Amazing Mr. Williams (1939)

Joan Blondell and Melvyn Douglas in The Amazing Mr. Williams (1939)


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