Betty Grable, Dick Haymes, and Phil Silvers in Diamond Horseshoe (1945)

Diamond Horseshoe (1945)

1h. 44min. // A medical student who wants to be a crooner gets involved with a showgirl who has an ulterior motive.


Directed by: George Seaton

Writing Credits: Kenyon Nicholson (play), George Seaton (screenplay)

Starring: Betty Grable (as Bonnie Collins), Dick Haymes (as Joe Davis Jr.), Phil Silvers (as Blinkie Miller), William Gaxton (as Joe Davis Sr.), Beatrice Kay (as Claire Williams), Carmen Cavallaro (as Carmen Cavallaro), Willie Solar (as Double-Talking Singer Comedian) and Margaret Dumont (as Mrs. Standish)


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Betty Grable, Beatrice Kay, and Phil Silvers in Diamond Horseshoe (1945)

Betty Grable, William Gaxton, Beatrice Kay, and Willie Solar in Diamond Horseshoe (1945)


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