Lucille Ball and Franchot Tone in Her Husband's Affairs (1947)

Her Husband’s Affairs (1947)

1h 24min. // A scientist invents a formula that removes old, thinning hair and replaces it with thick, new hair. Complications ensue.


Directed by: S. Sylvan Simon

Writing Credits: Ben Hecht (screenplay), Charles Lederer (screenplay)

Starring: Lucille Ball (as Margaret Weldon), Franchot Tone (as William Weldon), Edward Everett Horton (as J.B. Cruikshank), Mikhail Rasumny (as Prof. Emil Glinka) and Gene Lockhart (as Peter Winterbottom)


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Lucille Ball and Edward Everett Horton in Her Husband's Affairs (1947)

Lucille Ball in Her Husband's Affairs (1947)


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