Dan Duryea, Jan Sterling, and Patty McCormack in Kathy O' (1958)

Kathy O’ (1958)

1h. 39min. // A publicity man tries to hide a child film star’s brattiness from a magazine writer, who happens to be his ex-wife.


Directed by: Jack Sher

Writing Credits: Jack Sher (screenplay and story), Sy Gomberg (screenplay)

Starring: Dan Duryea (as Harry Johnson), Jan Sterling (as Celeste Saunders), Patty McCormack (as Kathy O’Rourke) and Mary Fickett (as Helen Johnson)


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Dan Duryea and Patty McCormack in Kathy O' (1958)

Dan Duryea, Mary Fickett, and Sam Levene in Kathy O' (1958)


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