Kirk Douglas, Laraine Day, Rudy Vallee, Helen Walker, and Keenan Wynn in My Dear Secretary (1948)

My Dear Secretary (1948)

1h. 34min. // A romance novelist appoints a would-be writer as his secretary. Although she is initially dismayed by his work ethic and playboy attitude, they begin to fall in love.


Directed by: Charles Martin

Writing Credits:  Charles Martin (screenplay)

Starring: Laraine Day (as Stephanie ‘Steve’ Gaylord), Kirk Douglas (as Owen Waterbury) and Keenan Wynn (as Ronnie Hastings)


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Kirk Douglas, Laraine Day, and Keenan Wynn in My Dear Secretary (1948)

Florence Bates and Grady Sutton in My Dear Secretary (1948)


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