Roy Rogers, George 'Gabby' Hayes, and Trigger in Roll on Texas Moon (1946)

Roll on Texas Moon (1946)

1h 8min. // Roy Rogers tries to prevent a range war between cattlemen and sheepherders.


Directed by: William Witney

Writing Credits: Paul Gangelin (screenplay), Mauri Grashin (screenplay), Jean Murray (story)

Starring: Roy Rogers (as Roy Rogers), Trigger (as Trigger, Roy’s Horse), George “Gabby” Hayes (as Gabby Whittaker) and Dales Evans (as Jill Delaney)


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Roy Rogers, Pat Brady, Hugh Farr, Karl Farr, Shug Fisher, Bob Nolan, Lloyd Perryman, and Sons of the Pioneers in Roll on Texas Moon (1946)

Roy Rogers and George 'Gabby' Hayes in Roll on Texas Moon (1946)


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