Ronald Reagan, Rhonda Fleming, and Estelita Rodriguez in Tropic Zone (1953)

Tropic Zone (1953)

1h 34min. // Dan McCloud is a soldier of fortune who is hired to be the chief of a banana plantation in Central America. When he learns that his employer, Lukats, is corrupt and tries to corner the market, McCloud joins efforts with the beautiful Flanders White (one of the smaller growers) to stop Lukats’ plans.


Directed by: Lewis R. Foster

Writing Credits: Lewis R. Foster (screenplay), Tom Gill (novel)

Starring: Ronald Reagan (as Dan McCloud), Rhonda Fleming (as Flanders White) and Estelita Rodriguez (as Elena Estebar)


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Ronald Reagan, Nick Borgani, Rhonda Fleming, Maurice Jara, and Carlos Acosta in Tropic Zone (1953)

Ronald Reagan and Rhonda Fleming in Tropic Zone (1953)


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