Tony Curtis and Lori Nelson in The All American (1953)

The All American (1953)

1h 23min. // Nick Bonelli, a star quarterback for Mid-State, isn’t told by his coach until after winning a game that his parents have been killed in a car crash on their way to the stadium. Annoyed by the coach’s lack of sensitivity, Nick quits the team and transfers to Sheridan University to pursue his real interest of studying architecture. His decision not to join the football team causes him important personal issues.


Directed by: Jesse Hibbs

Writing Credits: D.D. Beauchamp (screenplay), Leonard Freeman (story)

Starring: Tony Curtis (as Nick Bonelli), Lori Nelson (as Sharon Wallace), Richard Long (as Howard Carter), Mamie Van Doren (as Susie Ward), Gregg Palmer (as Hunter Cameron) and Paul Cavanagh (as Professor Carl Banning)


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Tony Curtis, Joe Brooks, Jimmy Hunt, Richard Long, Gregg Palmer, Barney Phillips, and Stuart Whitman in The All American (1953)

Tony Curtis, Richard Long, Donald Randolph, Stuart Whitman, and Palmer Lee in The All American (1953)


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